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informationDid you know there is no training required to become a long-haul truck driver?

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Small business trucking’s top safety resolution for 2014 – action on driver training 01/03/2014
OOIDA Director of Government Affairs Ryan S. Bowley says driver training shouldn’t simply be another item on a to-do list; it should be the top safety priority for FMCSA….

Utah, New Mexico bills would change CDL testing rules 01/06/2014
Officials in two Western states could take up for consideration in the months ahead changes to commercial driver’s license testing….

Driver training urged at transportation safety hearing 01/28/2014
The ranking Democrat on a House subcommittee said Tuesday that training entry-level truck drivers and addressing some of the basic working conditions in trucking would go a long way to improving safet…

Feds pursue vehicles that ‘talk’ to one another 02/03/2014
The feds say cars that “talk” to one another will make highways safer, but are U.S. roadways ready for vehicle-to-vehicle communication? NHTSA has taken the first steps in a complex process to enable …

FMCSA names members of entry-level driver training committee 02/10/2015
The journey toward mandated entry-level driver training standards will begin in late February with the first meeting of the Negotiated Rulemaking Entry-Level Driver Training Advisory Committee….

New Mexico, Utah near new rules on CDL testing 02/18/2014
Activity at the New Mexico and Utah statehouses would bring changes to commercial driver’s license testing….

Driver training committee gets underway 02/26/2015
ARLINGTON, Va., Feb. 26, 2015 – The journey toward recommended entry-level driver training requirements has officially begun. The 26 members of the new Entry-Level Driver Training Advisory Committee e…

Committee seeks consensus for truck driver training rule 02/27/2015
ARLINGTON, Va., Friday, Feb. 27 – A federally appointed committee tasked with negotiating a future driver-training rule for entry-level truck and bus drivers has wrapped up its first two-day meeting. …

What is an ELD? Driver training committee struggles for consensus 03/19/2015
In the world of trucking regulations, alphabet soup rules supreme. It seems every agency, program, regulation, device and even people have an acronym. Most see ELD and still think electronic logging d…

Driver training committee leaves door open to owner-operator training 03/23/2015
The concept that new drivers need training is accepted pretty much universally. But when you get down to the brass tacks of what that training will be, who can give it, and how it’s going to be regula…

On the offense for driver training and for a highway bill 03/31/2014
OOIDA is taking an aggressive approach to getting the Association’s priority legislation written into the next highway bill and making sure Congress enacts a new highway bill – and soon. OOIDA Preside…

Training for new drivers must be priority for FMCSA, OOIDA says 04/01/2014
The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has stepped forward to urge Congress to pass a highway bill and to make sure it contains driver training standards for entry-level commercial operato…

Decades later, still no entry-level training required 04/02/2014
The history of entry-level training for truck drivers is decades long, yet a national standard still does not exist. OOIDA is working to change that. This timeline shows various efforts, proposals and…

Trucker involvement can make a difference 04/04/2014
This week marked a big step forward for OOIDA’s push to ensure that new drivers receive adequate behind-the-wheel training as a matter of highway safety. So what happens now? Congress is preparing the…

Driver training committee continues to find sticking points 04/09/2015
WASHINGTON, D.C., Thursday, April 9, 2015 – For a committee tasked with finding agreement on a driver training mandate, that agreement continues to be elusive on key points. The Entry-Level Driver Tra…

Driver training committee at halfway point with big decisions to make 04/10/2015
The advisory committee that’s trying to craft a rule for entry-level truck driver training met again Friday, April 10, in Washington D.C. Land Line Managing Editor Jami Jones was there….

Truck driver training association warns of recruiter scam 04/23/2014
A trade association representing truck driver training schools is warning the trucking industry of a recent scam targeting students enrolled in some of its schools….

Truckers say traffic deaths underscore need for driver training, crashworthiness 05/06/2013
A federal agency that sets and enforces safety and equipment standards for motor vehicles says more people died on the highways in 2012 compared with 2011. While the numbers do not yet show how many f…

Driver training committee almost there, but stuck on hours behind the wheel 05/28/2015
A committee that is negotiating language for a rulemaking on entry-level driver training for truck and bus operators has come to a consensus on many – but not all – of the topics at hand….

Driver training committee finds consensus on behind-the-wheel time 05/29/2015
In Washington, D.C., a committee tasked with developing recommendations for a rule on entry-level driver training for truck and bus drivers has come to a consensus on language to present to the FMCSA …


Press Releases

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New truckers need training to be safe drivers 6/25/2013

Truckers to provide input at FMCSA listening session at MATS 3/20/2013


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